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Welcome to Levi Valent Plectrum

Levi Valent Plectrum: Picks for playing guitars and other stringed instruments. Our picks are crafted using a handmade approach and high-quality materials, ensuring improved control and comfort during the picking action. They are indeed a pleasure to hold between the fingers. Our designs are rooted in picking training and precision, making them ideal for both acoustic and electric instruments. Each pick model and manufacturing material offers a unique experience of string attack and produces distinctive sounds.

The beginning

My name is Jorge Martínez, Founder of Levi Valent Plectrum.

Sixteen years ago, I spent nearly every day practicing the guitar. During that time, I maintained a daily routine, continuously striving to improve my skills. Music, particularly my favorite genre, demanded constant refinement, pushing me to elevate my abilities. Practicing diligently, I focused on developing a strong technique, especially in picking, where precision and consistency were essential.

As the days passed, I noticed the wear and tear on the guitar picks I used. They wore out quickly, requiring frequent replacements. I often found myself purchasing 20 to 30 picks of various types and brands at a time. Most were 1mm thick, influenced by one of my favorite guitarists who preferred picks of this thickness.

I vividly recall the first time I experimented with a different pick thickness. Transitioning from thin picks, which many guitarists found easier to play with, to a thicker pick was a revelation. I soon realized that while thinner picks were perceived as easier to use, they lacked consistency and dynamic range. My technique suffered as a result, with my picking hand becoming increasingly loose and unsteady.

Thus, the shift to a thicker pick was transformative. Alternating between different pick thicknesses, I began to notice significant differences in texture, sound production, and even anatomical design. This variety proved invaluable, allowing me to play with ease regardless of the pick I used. No longer confined to a single pick, I could maintain consistency and control in my playing.

Have you ever heard someone say, "It's just not the same; I feel uncomfortable," or "I played poorly because I didn't have my pick"? I sought to eliminate such frustrations by exploring the nuances of pick design and material. My curiosity deepened in 2015 while recording my practice sessions and music, where I became even more attuned to these subtle differences.

This curiosity ignited a journey of exploration and innovation. Just as I had delved into the history of music to master the guitar, I delved into the realm of guitar picks. In 2016, I embarked on a mission to create picks that combined educational value with futuristic design. I envisioned picks that would not only meet the needs of contemporary guitarists but also push the boundaries of traditional pick materials.

Form, size, and material all play a crucial role in pick design, influencing sound production, technique, and movement. The choice of materials can significantly impact sound and tonal nuances, while the design of the pick bevel can enhance or diminish the effects of string attack.

To date, I have developed four types of bevels, each offering unique finishes and innovations in pick design. These bevels significantly influence string attack, particularly in the Artefact line of models, which feature the multifunctional Diamantino 1AX and 1BX bevels. By rotating the tips, players can achieve different string attacks, effectively obtaining four or three types of picks in one.

These innovations extend to classic models like the Jazz, which can now be crafted in thicknesses of up to 1cm or more. By incorporating these bevels, Jazz picks offer enhanced stability and speed, setting them apart from conventional picks.

Each pick is meticulously handcrafted without the aid of injection molding machines, adding an extra layer of challenge and artistry to the manufacturing process.

At Levi Valent Plectrum, our mission is to revolutionize the world of guitar picks, one innovation at a time. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery as we continue to push the boundaries of pick design and craftsmanship.
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